Monument Signs

Looking for a marketing tool that will advertise for you business 24 hours a day? Look no further. The best all around signage for your business location and marketing plan is a Monument Sign structure. Monument signs are a type of ground sign that sit near the entrance of your establishment, where passing traffic can identify and locate your business. Marion Signs & Lighting is the premier custom sign manufacturer in Ocala, FL. equipped to handle signs of all shapes and sizes.

Ground Signs

Monument Ground Signs are more than just an entrance sign to your business location. Monuments can be fabricated to match the architectural structure of the building, creating a cohesive and professional look. Monument Signs are great for not only displaying your name and logo but also important information for existing and potential customers. Add changeable letter copy to your monument to display important messages such as "No School Friday December 5th" or "Extended Holiday Hours".

ico monument

Grounds signs help you communicate with your customers around the clock and provide the best return on investment opposed to other marketing plans such as radio and TV ads. Contact one of our experienced sales representatives today, and find out more about how Monument Signs can drive sales!